Prototypes & Prototroops!

All about Prototroops

The Prototroops are new temporary troops that you can collect and upgrade through the Cycle of Evil events!

Each Prototroop event will center around one troop. During the time period of the event, you have the opportunity to unlock and play that troop. Once the event is over, the Prototroop will no longer be available.

When you unlock a Prototroop, its level is one level lower than the current level of your Armory. You can upgrade the troop by collecting Proto Tokens through the Cycle of Evil.

The tokens collected during the Cycle of Evil for a Proto Troop can only be applied to that troop and not carried over to future Prototroop events.

List of current Prototroops:

  • Lazortron
  • Rain Maker
  • Critter Cannon
  • Engineer

Useful to know

  • The Trader will no longer sell the Prototroops.
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