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All About Prototype Weapons!

At headquarter level 15 you unlock the Weapon Lab. With it you can make powerful Prototype Defenses out of Prototype Modules captured from the Blackguard.
All Prototype Defenses are fragile experiments, which is why they self-destruct after a certain amount of time! Each Prototype Defense has 3 upgrade levels, each with a different duration (below).
Mark I – 5 days
Mark II – 7 Days
Mark III – 9 Days
Below are some of the Prototypes you can build – check back often for new Defenses!

Shock Blaster
The Shock Blaster shoots shock bullets at a high rate of fire, dealing heavy damage and stunning the target. With its fast firing rate, long range, no blind spot, and high damage per second it is a great all-around weapon.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 1.

Lazor Beam
The beams of this Prototype burn through any target, causing moderate damage to all enemies in its path. The Lazor Beam will sweep through enemy troops in its sights making it ideal to deal with large groups of troops such as Heavies and Zookas.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 1.

Doom Cannon
The Doom Cannon shoots a Doom Ray that destroys most targets outright. It has a very high damage per shot but a very slow rate of fire. It has a small area of effect, doing damage to troops nearby its primary target. The Doom Cannon is very effective in damaging high-health troops like Tanks and Scorchers.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 1.

Damage Amplifier
This Prototype amplifies the damage output of all nearby defenses using a high voltage hyperbolic gauss overdrive field. It is a Defensive Building that acts like a Damage statue with limited range of influence over other Defensive Buildings nearby. It boosts the damage of the affected defenses, doesn't multiply it.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 1.

Shield Generator
The Shield Generator generates a force field around the Headquarters, protecting it from damage. If the generator is destroyed, the shield dissipates. The placement of the Generator is important; an undefended Shield Generator can be easily picked off by any troop, wasting the shield around the Headquarters.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 1.

The Grappler shoots a grappling hook that pulls a single enemy unit close. It has an extremely long range and although it does very little damage it can pull any attacking unit next to itself. If placed well, the attacking unit will be pulled directly into the line of fire of other defenses. Its weakness is its slow rate of fire, which you can improve by upgrading it.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 1.

Hot Pot
The Hot Pot is like a more powerful Flamethrower, but with improved reach. It stays protected in an underground bunker until enemies are in range. It’s the only defense that cannot be targeted by the Gunboat or Troops before it starts firing. When it emerges, there is a short delay before it starts firing. If it doesn’t have any targets for a few moments it goes back into hiding.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 2.

A Heavy with a vengeance… Betrayed by a medic on the battlefield and left with one eye, S.I.M.O. seeks out those weakest on the battlefield.
Targets low health enemies within range. Can see through smoke with the help of Infrared sensors.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 2.

Sky Shield
The latest in Prototype technology, this handy building sets up an impenetrable shield against Gunboat Abilities! Until it gets blown up...
Sets up a defensive shield around itself, protecting all buildings under the shield from Gunboat projectiles. The shield dissipates if the generator is destroyed.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 1.

Burns all enemies within range with dangerous microwave radiation. Can also be used to make popcorn.
The Microwav'r emits microwave radiation, constantly harming all enemies within its range. However, the Microwav'r has a short range which limits its capability to damage long-ranged troops.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 2.

Boom Surprise
Powerful 2-shot cannon with good range. Stays protected in an underground bunker until enemies are in range.
It works similar to the Hot Pot, and is essentially a Cannon with much higher fire rate and damage; while it has moderately high damage per shot, it fires in bursts of two shots with a short delay between them, giving it a very high damage per second.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 1.

Flotsam Cannon
The Flotsam Cannon is a defensive cannon that deals high damage per second with a small splash radius. When it is destroyed, after a short delay, it will explode, causing massive damage to everything in an area. This includes both troops and buildings. It will also trigger Mines, Boom Mines, and Shock Mines and has a small blind spot where it cannot fire upon, similar to that of a Machine Gun.
Unlocks at Weapon Lab Level 2.

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