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All You Need to Know About Heroes!

Heroes are powerful friendly fighters who have joined to help you fight the Blackguard!

  • The first hero, Sergeant Brick unlocks at HQ4 as soon as you repair the Derelict Hut.
  • Dr. Kavan is unlocked by destroying Hammerman's HQ level 25. You will need Radar level 7 to find this Hammerman base.
  • Captain Everspark unlocks when you defeat Col. Gearheart’s Warfactory base (Radar lvl 15 required).
  • Pvt. Bullit unlocks after defeating Hammerman's HQ base level 55.

What makes the Heroes special

  • No Gold is required to train them.
  • They can only be knocked out in battle and will always be available for the next battle.
  • They can be used even when you are upgrading them.
  • They have two attack types: a Hero Perk and three Hero Abilities.
  • Hero Abilities are upgraded with Hero Tokens only available from the Trader.
  • Hero Perks are upgraded by leveling up the Hero.
  • Using Hero Abilities in battle uses up Gunboat energy.

Who is the Trader?

The Trader and her submarine appear at your base every week. You always know when she's coming by keeping an eye on her buoy in your base.

She starts visiting as soon as you’ve unlocked the first Hero.

  • The Trader is the only source of Hero Tokens in the game.
  • In exchange for Trader Tickets, you can buy a Trader Crate from her that always contains at least one Hero Token, but can also contain other resources. The contents of each crate are random.
  • She has three weekly Extra Offers that are the same for all players. Two of the three offer trading one resource into another and one will always be about converting Power Stones of one color to another.

How does upgrading my Heroes work?

  • The availability of Hero Ability upgrades depend on your HQ level, Hero level as well as amount of Hero Tokens.
  • You can get Hero Tokens only from the Trader.
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