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Task Force Size Change

When creating your own Task Force, the default size will always be 5 members.

If you wish, you can increase the member count to 10, 25 or 50 members! You can do so by tapping on the little green “+” icon in the Task Force info screen.

Useful to know

  • No downsizing allowed

You can only upscale the size of a Task Force but you can never downsize it! In other words, if you decide to increase your max member count to e.g. 50, you can not reduce it back to 25, 10 or 5 members.

  • Task Force is too large

In that case, we recommend making a new one that might better suit your needs.

  • Why we don’t allow reducing size

Task Forces with more members can beat more difficult Power Bases and therefore gain more Task Force Points. If a 50 member Task Force would reduce its size to 5 members, it would suddenly appear on the leading position of the Leaderboard for Task Forces with max 5 members and others could never catch up with it.

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