Mega Crab

Dr. T Lookalike

On board the Mega Crab there is a unique building that is rather short, a bit plump and funny looking cardboard and plywood structures, made in a shape resembling Dr. T.


The structure emits annoying sounds, and the irritation caused by the structure can cause your troops to make hasty decisions. Troops will be drawn to the structure and won’t ease off it until it is destroyed to the ground!

Upon destruction, the structure reveals an explosive device that will take out our weakest units, namely Critters.


  • Flare

If you see troops drawn to the structure, you can Flare them away from it! Beware of the structure’s impressive range, though.

  • Scout

Make sure you first scout the level, to ensure you make better tactical decisions when attacking! Just tap on the structure to get a visual on the range.

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