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Hero Profile - Dr. Kavan

Dr. Kavan is unlocked by destroying Hammerman's HQ level 25. You will need Radar level 7 to find this Hammerman base. He is a healing hero and will behave similarly to Medics.

Hero Perk (Galvanizing Presence)

Every time he heals a unit, he also gives this unit damage reduction for a short period. Upgrade Dr. Kavan to increase the amount of damage reduction given.

Hero Abilities

You can bring only one Hero ability at a time into battle.

  • Crystal Critters

Crystal Critters act like normal critters, only that they peck health back into your wounded troops. Upgrade this ability to increase the amount of Drones released.

  • Ice Shields

Casts temporary shields on units within range. The shields break after a time or after sustaining a certain amount of damage, whichever comes first. Upgrading this ability increases the strength of these shields.

  • Second Wind

Brings fallen comrades back into battle! Upgrade this ability to be able to bring units worth more housing space back. If no troops have fallen or bringing back certain fallen units isn't possible, Riflemen will appear instead.

You need Hero Tokens to upgrade the abilities, and using them in combat uses up your Gunboat energy.

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