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Hero Profile - Pvt. Bullit

Upgrade your Radar to level 19 and you shall find Hammerman's HQ base level 55. Stranded there is Pvt. Bullit who is a legend among the resistance. You must free him to join our forces!

Hero Perk (Pain Tolerance)

There is a limit to how much damage he can sustain in one hit, making him ideal to go against high-damage dealing targets such as Boom Cannons. He won't be wiped out in a single hit!

Hero Abilities

You can only bring one ability at a time to a battle.

  • Bullit

can Taunt nearby defenses to target only him. In addition, the maximum damage he can sustain in one hit is drastically reduced. Upgrade this ability to decrease the amount of damage this Hero can take in one hit when Taunt is active.

  • Energy Drink

A few quick sips of Energy Drink grants Bullit increased movement speed. In addition, he will regain a percentage of his maximum hit points. Upgrade this ability to increase the speed bonus and to increase the percentage of health that is regenerated.

  • Shock Knuckles

When activated, he leaps onto his target and pounds it with his Shock Knuckles. This causes the target building and buildings behind it to get Shocked for a duration. Also moderate damage is dealt to the target building. Upgrade this ability to increase the length of the Shock inflicted on buildings, as well as the damage on the initial target building.

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