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Hero Profile - Sergeant Brick

Sergeant Brick unlocks as soon as you reach HQ level 4 and repair the Derelict Hut into the Hero Hut!

Hero Perk

Every time she locks-on to a new target, she will throw a grenade. Upgrading the Hero levels-up the damage dealt by the grenade. She performs this attack automatically.

Hero Abilities

You can bring only one Hero ability at a time into battle.

  • Cluster Grenade

“Sarge” throws a cluster grenade that then explodes into smaller grenades.

Upgrading this ability increases the damage of the initial grenade as well as the cluster grenades.

  • Shield

Troops take 50% less damage.

Upgrading this ability increases the duration of the ability’s effect.

  • Battle Orders

Troops move faster and deal higher damage for a period.

Upgrading this ability increases the bonus for troop movement speed and attack damage.

You need Hero Tokens to upgrade the abilities, and using them in combat uses up your Gunboat energy!

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