Task Force

Find / Invite New Members to Your Task Force

Here are some tips for recruiting new Task Force mates:

Facebook / Game Center

Connect your Facebook and Game Center account to invite all your Booming friends to your Task Force!

If you and your friends have connected the game to Facebook and/or Game Center, simply tap the leaderboard button, select the Friends tab, choose a friend, and then tap on “invite”.

Share Link

You can also share a link to your Task Force by tapping on your Task Force’s name. Anyone who opens the link and has Boom Beach installed will be taken directly to your Task Force’s front page.

It’s great for sending invites via external messaging applications and social networks!

Reddit / Facebook Page

Use our Reddit and Facebook page to promote your Task Force! Post your Task Force’s name and its unique #Tag.

The Tag makes it easier for you to find your Task Force in case it has a common name.

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