Task Force

How to Start a Task Force Operation

Gathering Intel

In order to start an Operation on a Power Base, you must gather enough Intel first!

You can get Intel from:

  • Attacking Blackguard bases on the Archipelago (also from Militia strikes)
  • Defending your bases against attacks
  • Supply Chests
  • Daily Reward boat

Gathering Intel contributes to your Task Force’s combined Intel count.

Operation Map

After entering the Operation map, you’ll see various operation targets. Listed next to the operation’s name, you’ll see the Intel it costs to start the Operation, as well as the potential Force Points to be gained from it.

There are also indicators from “too easy” to “impossible” which give you an idea of the difficulty of each operation! The further right you scroll on the map, the more difficult, and expensive, Operations become.

Operation has started

After you have started an Operation, you will see several Power Bases. Scout them in order to plan your attack. Each member only gets one attack, so planning is everything!

Each building destroyed will give you one Force Point. The main target is the Power Core - once it is destroyed, all other buildings will fall, giving you the maximum amount of Force Points available for the Operation!

Useful to know

  • Chat

Use the hat to strategize with your comrades or leave a note on each Power Base. This will greatly increase your chances for victory!

  • Duration

Each Operation will last 23 hours and 55 minutes, even if you destroy all Power Bases before that.

  • Force Points retention

Should you fail to destroy the Power Core, you will still keep the Force Points already gathered by destroying the other buildings!

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