How Do Warships Battles Work?

You are given 1 minute to scout, and then 4 minutes to complete your attack.

Whoever has the most Engine Rooms left at the end of the battle, is the winner!

If both you and your opponent have the same number of Engine Rooms left, then the game goes into a tiebreaker.


  • Damage % (1st check)

In this situation, the player who deals the most amount of damage to their opponent is the winner.

The damage is calculated as a % total of Building health, so even taking down a Sniper Tower to half health might count!

  • Fastest Attack (2nd check)

If both you and your opponent have dealt the same amount of damage to each other, the time left (in seconds) is considered.

This means, whoever had the fastest attack wins!

  • Draw

If both players take the same amount of time for their attacks, then the match is called a draw.

Useful to know

  • Time Calculation

TIME will be calculated from when you start your attack. Scouting time will not be taken into account, so take your time to prepare for the attack.

  • Matchmaking

Warships matchmaking works based on your Rank and Rank Stars.

In other words, the game will attempt to match you against someone who has a similar Rank to you! In addition to that, it tries to match you to someone who has the same number of Engine Rooms like you.

There may be cases, though, where the matchmaking needs to expand the search range.

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