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I Can't Find Prototype Modules for My Weapon Lab!

The Weapon Lab unlocks at HQ level 15 and allows you to assemble powerful but unstable Defense Weapons!

To create these weapons, you need Prototype Modules.

You get those modules by:

  • Destroying Colonel Gearheart’s War Factory.
  • Successfully defending against Lt. Hammerman.
  • Sending your Submarine on missions.
  • Destroying opponents in your Archipelago.
  • Opening Trader Chests or purchasing from Trader Deals.

Depending on the level of your Weapon Lab you can place from one to three weapons in your base at a time. Beware that the weapons won’t last forever!

They will automatically destroy themselves after 5, 7 or 9 days, depending on their tier.

Useful to know

  • Module Rarity

The chance to find these Modules from normal battles is very small! In other words, your troops will have to fight many battles to find these pieces.

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