Task Force

Operations Breakdown

Leaders, Co-Leaders and Officers can start Operations!

In order to start an Operation, the Task Force must collect enough pieces of Intel first.

Members of a Task Force can gather Intel by:

  • Battling other islands along the Archipelago
  • Defending their home base
  • Collecting the Daily Reward and the Supply Chest

The cost of Intel depends on the Task Force size and, even if you leave, it will keep any Intel you gathered.

Destroying Power Bases

After an Operation is started, you’ll see multiple Power Bases. Each Building destroyed gives one Force Point.

The primary target is the Power Core - destroying it triggers a chain reaction that will destroy the whole base and give you all available Force Points!

Leaders, Co-Leaders and Officers can also Sabotage certain buildings with intel.


After the 24 hour operation period ends, you will receive a reward brought to you by boat and the gained Task Force Points will be added to the Task Force score.

You can collect the reward until the next operation is about to end!

After that, it will be replaced with a new reward.

Useful to know

  • Spectate

Watch Task Force members launch their attacks in real-time with the spectator-mode!

  • Kicked / Left during Operation

If you leave or get kicked from a Task Force at any point during an operation, you won’t receive the OP reward, even if you rejoin before the Operation finishes.

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