Preparing for Battle!

The loadout screen will help you prepare for battle!

It allows you to choose your Troops, your Heroes and their Abilities you want to take into the fight.

To fill your Landing Crafts, tap on the Landing Craft slot, and then tap on the Troop you wish to have.

Each Troop has a reserve size that is based on its upgrade level in the Tech Tree.

If you don't have enough Troops, you can still partially fill your Landing Craft with the available Troops!

When your Troop is upgraded, or if some of them have fallen in battle, new Troops are trained for your reserves automatically.

Useful to know

  • Speed up the training

You can pay Diamonds to refill your reserves (per Troop) instantly.

If you have the Instant Training subscription active, then your reserves are always full!

  • Hero Abilities

Hero Abilities automatically Unlock and Upgrade as you upgrade your Hero from the Tech Tree.

  • Loadout Change

While scouting your opponent, you can still change your loadout before you attack!

However, you will not be able to use Diamonds in this phase to fill your reserves.

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