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Profanity Filter in Task Force Chat!

Boom Beach has an optional profanity filter that prevents the use of offensive or vulgar words in the Task Force chat.

Task Force Leaders and Co-Leaders can turn the filter on or off in the Task Force settings page. Once the filter is turned on, it will use asterisks to star out words that can be offensive.

How it works

The filter does not work in retrospect, so if something offensive has been said when the filter was off these words will not be starred out when the filter is turned on. In this case Officers and Leaders can Hide (and Unhide) the offensive messages in the chat.

In some cases the profanity filter can be a touch aggressive and even star out innocent phrases. Please bear with us as we work on making it better at spotting only offensive words.

Report Button

If you see a player who is offensive in chat, you can use the automated reporting tool by tapping on the offending message and choosing "Report".

Using the Report button does not automatically end up in a ban for the reported user. However, every report is manually reviewed by our moderators and taken seriously. Due to the amount of reports we receive, it can take up to 48h until a report is reviewed.

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