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Someone Kicked Members out of Our Task Force!

Players with Officer status or higher have the authority to kick out players below their rank. Officers can kick out Members, while Co-Leaders and Leaders can kick out Officers and Members.


It's never nice if players abuse their authority, but there aren't any rules against this. The best defense against this is to be careful who you let into your Task Force and who you promote. If your Task Force is set to 'anyone can join', you might want to restrict it to 'join by request' for better control over who comes in.

If kicked

When a player has been kicked, he has to wait for 24 hours before he can send a new join request.

Should one of your Task Force members have been kicked by accident or unrightfully, you can invite him back by using the “invite back” button (tap on the entry in the chat when he got kicked). This functionality is available to Officers, Co-Leaders and Leaders.

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