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The Submarine

The Submarine is available from Headquarters level 9, and can be found in the "Support" section in your shop. After you have reached Radar level 5, you’ll be able to find dive locations on your map where you can use this versatile submersible to retrieve resources from beneath the waters’ surface. Dive locations are marked with little yellow buoys.

The further away you go from your home base, the deeper and more rewarding the dive spots will be.

My dive spot disappeared!?

Every dive location has a finite number of dives available, and once these are used up, the location will disappear. E.g. if a dive spot has 4 treasures but only 3 dives, the dive location disappears after the third dive has been used! The amount of targets and dives differs from spot to spot. You can see the number of dives in the upper right corner of the screen.

The dive targets are greyed out?!

If the dive targets are greyed out it could mean that your Submarine is currently diving somewhere else and you need to wait for that mission to finish before being able to send it on a new mission.
The other reason why dive targets might be greyed out is that they are too deep for your Submarine. Upgrade your submarine to get those deep dives that yield greater rewards!

I can’t find new dive spots!

New dive locations won't spawn if you already have more than two available, but you might find more by exploring new areas on the map!

The fewer dive locations you have, the greater your chances of one re-spawning; having zero gives you the greatest chances overall.
Dive locations can, however, take several days or even weeks to re-spawn.

Still puzzled about how the Submarine works? Worry no more and watch our Tutorial Video:

We wish you a successful hunt, Commander!

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