Warship Chests Breakdown

In order to help your throughout the Season, Warship Chests can reward you with the following:

  • Main Base Resources
  • Unlock / Upgrade Tokens
  • Statue Fragments
  • Shards
  • Intel

For you to claim a Chest, you will need to destroy a certain number of Engine Rooms while battling.

You will have 4 Chests available for you to collect at any time.

After claiming one, you need to wait for the next available Chest which will respawn over time.


The Chests are divided into six Tiers:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Legendary

Since the Chests reflect the current Tier you are in, if you Rank up, so will your Chests!

Legendary Tier Chests

Trophy Road Chests are limited to certain Ranks, once reaching Legendary Tiers, to make battling at the top of the Leaderboard a truly competitive part of the Warship Season.

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