Mega Crab

What Are Those Unique Buildings on the Mega Crab?

Dr T has equipped his Mega Crab with a variety of highly advanced technologies and defenses!

Here is the report our spies compiled for us:

- The Cryo Bomb

When destroyed, Cryo Bombs will burst into a ray of ice, freezing all buildings and troops within its radius!

Affected Troops and Defenses will have significantly lower Damage per Second, and troops will also move slower.

- The Critter Container

Critter Containers are glass containers filled with 9 Critters. Destroy them to get extra help on the (Crustacean) Battlefield!

- The Speed Serum

When Speed Serum containers burst, all troops and defensive buildings in the affected area get a significant boost.

Troops and turrets shoot at twice the normal rate of fire, and troops move four times their normal speed!

- Dr. T Lookalike

This seemingly harmless piece of cardboard is actually a combination of a lure and a bomb!

Every troop will be attracted by the noise it emits, and once destroyed, this building will explode, damaging all troops nearby.

- The Troop Vat

Dr T. often crafts new weaponry, but also attempted to create his own troops!

Break these Vats to gain a powerful ally in battle: A modified, augmented version of your own troops.

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