Task Force

What Is Intel?

Once you have joined or created your own Task Force, your troops can start gathering Intel from battles against Blackguard bases. They might not find Intel in every enemy base but don't give up and keep attacking!

How you can gain Intel

  • Attacking Blackguard bases on the Archipelago (also from Militia strikes)
  • Defending your bases against attacks
  • From the Supply Chest
  • From the Daily Reward boat

Intel allows you to embark on secret operations. Keep in mind that the Intel you gather is always contributed to your Task Force. Should you leave a Task Force, you do not take the Intel with you. Intel always stays with the Task Force it was contributed to.

Intel Cap

There is a cap to how much Intel each Task Force size can gather:

  • 5 members = 250
  • 10 members = 400
  • 25 members = 600
  • 50 members = 1000

A Task Force’s Intel, as well as Intel contributed independently by specific players can be seen from the “My Task Force” screen.

Intel collected by each member is shown next to their name and the count resets weekly.

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