Task Force

What Is Sabotage?

When attacking a Power Base with your Task Force, you can increase your chances of destroying the base by sabotaging defensive buildings!

Sabotage is available to:

  • Leaders
  • Co-Leaders
  • Officers


In Scout mode you will see a “Sabotage” button. When choosing Sabotage, the game will blow up a random defensive building, excluding the Power Core, Power Cells and Mines.

If other members of the Task Force are scouting the base at the same time, they will see the Sabotage live. The Operations log will show who sabotaged which base and how much Intel it costs.


The cost for the first Sabotage is 3 Intel. You can sabotage a Power Base as often as you like but the Intel cost will increase by 2 Intel with each consecutive sabotage. If you sabotage buildings in one Power Base, the cost will also go up for Sabotage in the other base of the same operation!

Useful to know

  • Pro Tip

To increase your chances of Sabotaging crucial defensive buildings, you and your Task Force can “clean up” the easier ones first, before using Sabotage.

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