Mega Crab

What Is the Mega Crab?

Mega Crab, as you might have heard from other Commanders, is one of Dr. T’s most dastardly super-weapon, a crustacean hellbent on deconstruction!

Formed of seemingly endless stages, players will battle for the top spot on the leaderboard against increasingly difficult defense layouts!


The Mega Crab appears on the last weekend of every month and lasts for 3 days.

Mega Crabs events are unique, from month to month, and thus will have unique stage bonuses and rewards!

Information about each Mega Crab will be available before it starts.


Mega Crab is the ultimate test of a Commander’s skill, and a great opportunity to earn a boatload of gold, wood, stone and iron!

In addition, you might get:

  • Power Stones
  • Diamonds
  • Intel
  • Power Powders (if you have the Sculptor)
  • Prototype Modules (f you have the Weapon Lab)

Trophy Decorations

Reaching certain stages on the Mega Crab will award you with Trophy decorations for your island!

These Trophies are Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Legendary and are specific to each Mega Crab.

Useful to know

  • Legendary Trophy

The Legendary Trophy can only be obtained if you have already claimed the Diamond Trophy for that specific Mega Crab.

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