Tech Tree & Upgrade/Unlock Items

To unlock/upgrade both your offense and defense on your Tech Tree, you’ll need the Upgrade and Unlock Tokens that you get from winning battles!

The more items you unlock and upgrade, the more Tech level points you acquire. You will need a certain Tech level and Headquarters level to unlock new Engine Rooms.

Items available on the Tech Tree:

  • Troops: Upgrading it increases their level and reserve size.
  • Landing Crafts: Upgrading it allows you to deploy more Landing Crafts.
  • Gunboat: Upgrading it gives you more Gunboat Energy.
  • Gunboat Abilities: Upgrading them increases their level.
  • Heroes: Upgrading them increases Heroes’ level and the level of their abilities.
  • Defenses and Traps: Upgrading them increases their levels and the number you can have.
  • Boosts: Upgrading the boosts increases their strength to power up Troops, Buildings or Gunboat Energy.
  • Engine Rooms: Unlocking extra Engine Rooms changes the layout of the Warship and expands the play area.
  • The Multi-node: You can only unlock one out of the three choices, and its level depends on the level of relevant defensive building in your Tech Tree.

Useful to know

  • The Tech Tree will change its layout every season to bring variation to the Seasons and strategic gameplay.
  • You can unlock things you haven’t unlocked on the Home Base.
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