What is Warships?

It is the Ship that guards your archipelago!

Unlocked at Headquarter Level 10, it allows you to take part in real-time PvP (Player vs. Player) battles.

Upgrading Warships

To upgrade your Warship you need to collect Upgrade Tokens and Unlock Tokens from the battles you win.

Choosing how to spend these resources in the Tech Tree is important! Make sure you upgrade and unlock defenses or troops, to ensure you claim victories and climb up the Leaderboards.

Engine Rooms

The Warship has unique Buildings called Engine Rooms, which you should focus on to claim those victories. If these are taken out, the battle ends.

While the Season continues, you will obtain more Engine Rooms to place strategically.

Warship Seasons

Each Warship season will be ongoing for a certain amount of time, which is shown in-game. The Tech Tree flow will also change from Season to Season.

You will be reset to start a new season and the higher your rank at the end of the season, the higher you will start in the next Season.

Climb up the ranks with the all-new Trophy Road and earn even more rewards!

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