Warships Rewards

In addition to bragging rights, the Warships rewards include:

  • Upgrade Tokens
  • Unlock Tokens
  • Main Base Resources
  • Statue Fragments
  • Shards
  • Intel
  • ...and more!


Depending on your final position at the end of a season, you will also be able to obtain glorious Warship Trophies to showcase to the world!

These Trophies will be available for you to display on your main base and your Warship.

The Trophies you can obtain from Warships are:

  • Stone Warship Trophy
  • Iron Warship Trophy
  • Gold Warship Trophy
  • Diamond Warship Trophy
  • Legendary Warship Trophy

Useful to know

  • Warship Leaderboard Trophy

Show your accomplishments on a global scale! Just like the normal Warship Trophy, these vary depending on the stop you attained on the Leaderboard.

In other words, anyone who manages to reach Top 500, Top 50, Top 5 or be number 1, will be able to put this Trophy on display on both bases. The higher the rank, the fancier the Trophy!

  • Trophy Limitation

You can only obtain one of these Trophies, but tapping them provide your Warship stats throughout all the Seasons.

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