What Type of Items Are Available on the Tech Tree?

You will find all of the below Nodes in the Tech Tree!

- Building/Landing Craft nodes:

These nodes contain defense buildings.

Every upgrade of the node results in the Buildings being Upgraded by a few levels, and they also add more Buildings to your Warship.

All Buildings of the same type are of the same level.

- Troop nodes:

These nodes contain Troops.

Every Upgrade of the node will Upgrade your Troops by a few levels, and will also increase their reserve size.

The reserve size determines how many Troops are available to load onto your landing crafts.

- Gunboat/Gunboat Abilities:

These nodes contain the Gunboat and Gunboat Abilities.

Every Upgrade of the node results in the Gunboat/Gunboat Ability being Upgraded a few levels.

- Engine Room Nodes:

The Engine Room nodes are special nodes that Unlock more Engine Rooms for your Warship and Upgrade them as well.

These nodes require your island Headquarters to be of a certain level for you to be able to Unlock them.

They have an addition Tech Level requirement to Unlock them. All the other node types increase your Tech Level when they are Unlocked or Upgraded.

- The Multi-node:

The multi-node gives you three choices.

You can only pick one out of the three choices.

Each choice builds a certain amount of a particular Defense Building or Mine.

If the item has not been Unlocked earlier in the node, then you cannot choose that option.

The level of the item Unlocked is the same as it is in the item's regular node.

The multi-node is the ONLY WAY to Unlock Proto-Defense Buildings.

Once a choice has been made, you can change your selection by paying Diamonds.
This removes your previous selection with the new one.

The Diamond cost increases across all multi-nodes every time the selection is changed to a maximum amount.

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