Power League

About Power League

Unlocking Power League

As soon as you reach 4500 Trophies, a new, unique, and more competitive way to play Brawl Stars is unlocked!

This Event is called Power League and is set up in a ten-week League. It is located on the event selection screen, right after the Special Events.

What is the Power League?

Power League is a mid-to-late game progression system that allows you to play unlimited matches. The game modes will only contain 3v3 game modes. Events will be random each time, so make sure you are ready for the challenge!

You can play solo or with a team. If playing in a team we recommend playing with the same people regularly or look for a team that gives you the best chances of winning and climbing through the Ranks.

The Power League Season lasts 10 weeks, and at the end of each League Season, rankings will be adjusted, and rewards are given based on your highest Rank you achieved in either Solo or Team Mode.

Ranking System

The Power Leagues are a measure of a player’s skill in Brawl Stars. By winning Battles, you move up into higher and more competitive Ranks.

As Power Leagues replaces the Power Play event, the initial ranking is based on the highest Power Play score you have ever achieved.


At the end of the Power League Season, Star Points are up for grabs. Their amount is based on the highest Rank achieved in either Solo or Team Queue.

Even if you progressed in both Queues, rewards can only be claimed from the one where you achieved the highest Rank.

There are also mid-season rewards that can be obtained by meeting certain objectives. These will unlock exclusive Rewards that can’t be unlocked or purchased anywhere else!

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