Battle Log & Replays

Check out your previous match results, team compositions and replays all from the Battle Log. Locate it on the top right of your main screen, by tapping the three lines menu button and choosing the clipboard icon right below Settings.

What can I find on the Battle Log?
  • 25 latest games you played (sorted by newest to oldest)
  • Check other player profiles and add friendly team members as friends
  • Mode and Map of each battle
  • Trophy Gain/Loss
  • Brawler Level and Trophy Count
  • Star Player from each team (Showdown and Takedown excluded)
Where can I watch my Replays?

As soon as you reach 400 Brawler Trophies, replays for that Brawler become available.

What's awesome about this feature is that if any player in your team has 400 trophies or more, you also get the option to view the replay of that Battle.

If you drop below 400 Brawler Trophies, replays will again be unavailable for that Brawler.

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