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Earn Tokens to progress your way on the Brawl Pass tracks! You can get a variety of rewards like Boxes, Gems, and Power Points!

There are two tracks:

  • Free track: The rewards on the free track are offered to all players! The reward at each tier is unlocked once you have collected the required amount of Tokens.
  • Brawl Pass track: When you unlock Brawl Pass with Gems, you can get extra rewards on top of the rewards on the free track. In addition, you can get immediate access to one Chromatic Brawler and its Brawl Pass exclusive Skin, once you reach their tier. If you have already unlocked the Chromatic Brawler from a box, or you have maximum PP, alternative rewards will be given.

If you want to reach the next tier quickly, without having to collect tokens, you can always use Gems to unlock the next tier instantly.

Once you reach the end of the track, it isn't the end of Brawl Pass. You will receive a Big Box for every 500 Tokens you gained!

Brawl Pass Season

Each Brawl Pass Season lasts for two months. A new Brawl Pass will be available for purchase with the start of a new Season.

The unclaimed rewards from the oldest Season will be automatically claimed at the start of the new Season and any uncollected Power Points will be converted to Coins.

For example, all unclaimed rewards from Season 1 will be automatically collected at the beginning of Season 4.

How to Earn Tokens

There are many ways to earn Tokens:

  • Every time an Event changes, small Token rewards are available to claim.
  • You can also gain Tokens through Battles. The amount of Tokens you can get from battling is displayed above the "Play" button.
  • Each time you rank up a Brawler, you will be rewarded with Tokens.
  • If you need extra Tokens, Token Doublers will be a great help, as they double the amount of Tokens you earn. These can be found in the Shop or from Boxes.
  • Lastly, you can complete Quests to collect Tokens.

Quests unlock at 300 trophies on the Trophy Road. They are accessible from Brawl Pass > Quests tab.

Completing the quests will reward you the number of Tokens mentioned on each quest, and help you progress much faster.

Useful to Know:

  • Two small quests are generated daily and they last for 24 hours.
  • Medium and large quests are generated every Tuesday and Thursday and they last until the end of the season.
  • There will be additional medium and large quests for players who've unlocked the Brawl Pass.
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