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Brawler Ranks

All your Brawlers have an individual trophy count. Their Rank is based on each Brawler’s trophy count. Trophies can be gained or lost by brawling on non-ticketed events.

What’s awesome about Ranks is that, even though your Brawler may lose Trophies, the Rank stays. In other words, your Brawler cannot be demoted to a lower Rank. In addition to that, Tokens are awarded each time a Brawler ranks up.

As you progress to higher Ranks, a higher amount of trophies is required, so ranking up becomes more difficult as you climb trophies. The highest Brawler Rank you can currently achieve is Rank 35 - which requires 1250 Brawler Trophies.

Star Points

Earn Star Points by achieving certain Rank milestones for your Brawlers. The minimum Rank for your Brawler to start getting Star Points is 10. As you achieve higher Ranks, the number of Star Points awarded increases.

  • Rank 10 = 100 Star Points
  • Rank 15 = 200 Star Points
  • Rank 20 = 300 Star Points
  • Rank 25 = 400 Star Points
  • Rank 30 = 500 Star Points
  • Rank 35 = 600 Star Points
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