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Championship Challenge

What is Championship Challenge?

Championship Challenge is a 24-hour event that opens every month in the game. Achieving 15 wins in the Challenge will grant you the ticket to the online qualifiers!

Championship Challenge Rules
  • The Championship Challenge will only be visible to players with more than 800 Total Trophies.
  • Players can choose to play Solo or with a pre-made team. When playing in a team, all players need to be eligible to play the selected game mode and need to have remaining entries.
  • Matchmaking is based on the player's current number of wins. When playing in a team, the highest number of wins in the team is used.
  • In Championship Challenge, players will have max level Brawlers with both Star Powers available for use. Players will still need to own the Brawler they want to play with.
  • Each victory gives an increasing reward of Star Points that is automatically claimed after the battle has ended.
  • When you reach 4 losses, you must wait for the next Championship Challenge to compete again.
Brawl Stars World Finals

Players who achieve 15 wins will be eligible to participate in the regional online qualifiers. These players will be notified in-game through an inbox message as soon as they reach 15 wins.

Please note that the in-game Championship Challenge is open to all players to participate. However, the Online Qualifier onward is only open to players aged 16+.

More Information

For more information on the Championship Challenge & World Finals, please visit our Esports Website.

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