Currencies, Resources and Items

In-game Currencies


Coins are used to upgrade Brawlers once they have collected the required Power Points to level up. They can also be used to buy items offered as "Daily Deals" in the Shop. Coins are found inside Brawl Boxes and are always available to buy in the Shop with Gems.


Gems are the most valuable resource in Brawl Stars. Use them to buy new Brawler Skins, Boxes, Token Doublers, and Special Offers from the Shop.

Skins can be purchased with Gems or Star Points and are the best way to set your Brawler apart from the competition.

Gems are bought with real money from the Shop, and you can also find them in the Brawl Pass tracks.

Star Points

Star Points are used to buy exclusive items from the Shop.

Earn Star Points from the Trophy League, when one of your Brawlers reaches Rank 10, after that, whenever that Brawler ranks 5 levels up and by participating in the Power League!


Collecting Tokens are necessary to progress in the Brawl Pass tracks. For each Tier you reach, you will get access to various rewards such as Brawl Boxes, Mega Boxes, Gems, and more!

Every time an Event changes, small Token rewards are available to claim. The Tokens counter above the play button is limited to 200 Tokens, and it refills over time. Battling will transfer some Tokens from the Tokens counter to the Brawl Pass. You can continue to gain Trophies even if your daily Token counter is exhausted.

You can also get Tokens by completing Quests from the Brawl Pass. Go to Brawl Pass > Quests to see the Quests you can complete and how many Tokens are rewarded from them.

You can’t buy Tokens directly from the Shop as they are not offered. Though, if you want to increase the number of Tokens you collect during Battles, Token Doublers are a great way to do that and are offered through the Shop.

The more you brawl, the more experience you gain. Each time you Rank up a Brawler or level up in Experience, you will also be rewarded with Tokens.

So, just by battling often and completing Quests, you will collect the Tokens needed to progress in the Brawl Pass and unlock more content!

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