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Brawl Boxes

The main way of obtaining new Brawlers, along with other awesome items, is through Brawl Boxes!

There are three types of Brawl Boxes:

  • Brawl Box
  • Big Box (Equivalent to opening 3 regular Brawl Boxes)
  • Mega Box (Equivalent to opening 10 regular Brawl Boxes)
What's inside a Box?

Inside each Box you can find:

  • Coins
  • Power Points (only for unlocked Brawlers)
  • New Brawlers
  • Star Powers (for Power Level 9 Brawlers only)
  • Token Doublers
  • Gadgets (for Power Level 7 Brawlers only)

Where you have more Power Points than required, the excess will be converted to coins at a rate of 2 Coins per 1 Power Point).

How to get Boxes

Whether you Brawl a couple of minutes per day, or all day long, there are plenty of ways to get some Boxes!

Here’s how you can obtain them:

Brawl Pass: Gather Tokens to earn rewards from the Brawl Pass tracks! You can claim the rewards on the pass by simply participating in battles and completing quests.

Shop: Boxes are available in the Shop! What’s awesome about this is that you get the option to obtain them through different ways. You can buy them with Gems, Star Points or with real money.

Trophy Road: By reaching a certain amount of Trophies, you can get your hands on some Boxes from the Trophy Road.

Star Points: At the end of every Power Play season, boxes will be available to buy with your Star Points. These boxes are limited in both time and quantity.

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