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Drop Rates

If you ever wondered what your Brawl Box might contain, there is a way to check. This info can be located in the Shop by pressing the (i) icon on the top left of a Big or Mega Box.

The Box info, as we call it, contains a lot of interesting percentage rates. Feel free to read all about it!

Luck Value

In order to make the Brawl Box opening experience more fair, there is a luck system affecting the probability of Legendary Brawlers.

With each draw that doesn't give you a new Brawler, your luck value is increased. On the other hand, each time you get a new Brawler, your luck value goes down based on the rarity of the Brawler you got.

Keep in mind that early draws are predetermined to ensure a fair start to everybody.

Useful to Know
  • Purchasing a Brawler from the Shop will not affect your luck value.
  • Opening a Star Power from a Box will not affect your luck value.
  • Owning all Brawlers of a certain rarity will render that rarity‚Äôs Drop Rate to 0.0000%.
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