Game Events

Event Modifiers

Showdown gets extra crazy when modifiers are present! Craft new strategies, and consider even changing your Brawler selection to match each modifier’s characteristics.

Robo Boss

A Robo Boss will spawn and attack the nearest available target. You can run but you can’t hide! The Robo Boss will disrupt group skirmishes and require you to make decisions to come out on top!


Energy Drinks

Spawning in areas away from groups of Brawlers, Energy Drinks boost attack power and movement speed. No health is gained, though, so use them wisely! Picking up multiple drinks will reset the effect time, but will not stack any extra damage or speed.



Get back in the brawl! A large ring of healing mushrooms appears, healing any Brawlers inside for 1000 health per second. Mushrooms only last for a few seconds before disappearing again, but spawn more frequently as the match progresses.


Meteor Shower

A fiery flurry of meteors rains from above! Targeting non-attacking groups of Brawlers moving together, it’s best to watch your step! Get hit by a meteor and you will not only suffer damage, but also get pushed back!


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