Friendly Games

Nothing better than practicing different Events with friends! Even though you don't earn any trophies by playing friendly games, you and your friends get to brawl with fully upgraded Brawlers.

To start a friendly game:

  • Tap on the Menu button and select 'Friendly Game'.
  • Tap on BOT - INVITE to add online players from your Club or Friends list to play with. In the bottom right corner, an icon identifies how you know them.
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  • Select the Event type you'd like to play. The maximum number of players you can invite depends on the type of event.

You can also choose to play friendly games without bots by tapping on the power button on each slot.

Team Code

Play with people not in your friend list or Club by sharing a team code. It is located at the top of the Online Player tab (look for the green smiley face located in the top right corner of the screen). Otherwise, you can join a team simply by entering the team code the team creator has shared with you.

Create an Online Team

If you want to earn trophies, but still be able to play with your friends and clubmates against other players, just create a team to play online. To do this, simply choose an Event and then hit the "+" symbol on the left side of your Brawler. Invite online friends and clubmates from the pop-up to add them to your team and tap READY. When everyone is READY, matchmaking will commence!

Looking for Team

Match up with other players looking to play the same Event as you by tapping on the magnifying glass icon on the main screen. By searching for players to match with using this option, it should yield better team compositions, specifically for the Event chosen. Choose this method when you want to play seriously or competitively.

Please note that this feature unlocks at XP Level 10.

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