Game Events

Game Modes

Enjoy a variety of ways to brawl, with a multitude of Events! Event slots will refresh daily to change up the maps and/or modes.

Playing at Events will earn you trophies. The rank of each one of your Brawlers depends on the number of trophies they have.

Depending on the outcome of your brawl, you can either win or lose trophies for the Brawler you’ve played with. The total number of trophies you have is the result of the trophy count of each individual Brawler you own!

What Modes can I play?


Gem Grab: A 3v3 battle to collect 10 Gems and hold out till the end of the timer! The team with the most Gems held wins when the time runs out! Grab gems that appear from the center of the map, or steal them from defeated opponents!


Showdown and Duo Showdown: Go alone or with a partner to fight in the Showdown Arena to be the last Brawler/s standing!


Brawl Ball: Take the ball to the opposing team’s goal to score! The match ends when one team scores 2 goals, or at full time.


Rotating Special Events: These events have different rules and objectives to the standard 3v3 and '1 or 2 versus all' matches found in any other Events.

Robo Rumble (PvE) - Team up with two others and protect your Safe against waves of robots before the timer runs out. Boss Robots will also appear, so make sure you don't get separated from your team!

Big Game (1v5) - A timed, six-player game where five hunters are looking to defeat the one hunted big Brawler - whose aim is to stay alive. If you are the Boss, the longer you stay alive the higher your reward. Otherwise, the faster you take down the Boss, the higher your reward. Keeping an eye on the timer is critical!

Boss Fight (PvE) - A three Brawler team battles a Robot Boss and his robot minions. This event goes up in difficulty as you pass through each stage.

Super City Rampage (PvE) - Team up with two other Brawlers and protect the city from being destroyed by the Mega Monster!


Bounty: A 3v3 battle in which the more players you takedown, the higher your Bounty becomes! If your brawl ends up in a tie, the Middle Star will serve as a tiebreaker. Make sure to steal it from the enemy team by defeating its players.

Hot Zone: A 3v3 battle where you need to occupy one or more zones, faster than your enemy team, in order to win!


Heist: A 3v3 battle, where you have to take down the enemy team's Safe before they take down yours!

Siege: A 3v3 battle, where you have to take down the enemy team's IKE before they down take yours!


Power League: Ready, Set, Go! Win games Solo or in a team, and climb through the rankings to achieve glory and Star Points. Read more on Power Leagues here.

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