How Matchmaking Works

We strive to provide the best matchmaking possible for our players. Considering that Brawl Stars is fundamentally different from other Supercell games, there are also different variables needed to be considered when it comes to matchmaking.

We constantly check the speed and quality of our matchmaking and make tweaks to improve the overall player experience. When it comes to matchmaking, occasionally, slow or even bad matchmaking will occur. This is due to one or more of the below variables.

Solo Matchmaking

Solo matchmaking is based on your selected Brawler's Trophies, and to a lesser extent, your total Trophies. This is designed to protect less-skilled players from matching with well-seasoned players.

Team Matchmaking

Team matchmaking uses the highest Brawler Trophies in the team. This is to ensure that matches stay as balanced as possible, and that the skill level matches the highest player in the team. This means, in teams where significant differences between Brawler Trophies exist, that matchmaking will take longer, and matches will likely not be optimally balanced. Keep this in mind when selecting your Brawler.


In addition to the above, matchmaking prioritizes searches for players in your geographic region. Depending on your location, your battles will take place on your closest regional Battle Site. The number of players, and distance between each other as well as the overall distance to the Battle Site will affect the overall performance and gaming experience. Please read the Server Information article for further info.

Duplicate Brawler Selection

By default, matchmaking does not allow the same Brawler to be used by players on the same team. This is to preserve balanced team compositions and matches. However, this rule is discarded by matchmaking after a certain amount of time to ensure matches can be found and players don't wait too long. This is most evident when a new Brawler is released and can easily be obtained by the majority of players.

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