What are Pins?

Pins are collectible emotes in Brawl Stars. They can be used in battles and the game room chat to communicate with your team members.

Pins come in three different rarities: Common, Rare, and Epic.

  • Common Pins: Happy, Sad, Angry
  • Rare Pins: Good Game, Thanks
  • Epic: Special emotes
  • Collector's: Brawl Pass exclusive Pins
Where can I get Pins?

Pins are available in Shop offers and are unlockable from Brawl Pass rewards. You can only acquire Pins for the Brawlers that you currently own.

Using Pins in Battles

You can use Pins in battles by pressing on the Pin button, then the Pin you'd like to use. The Pin will be visible for both teams.

Each Brawler has three Brawler specific Pin slots and two player Pin slots. The Brawler Pins can be configured for each Brawler, and the player Pins are shared between all Brawlers.

Note that there will be a 10-second cool-down after using the Pin. If you don't like to see the Pins in battles anymore, you can simply mute the Pin through the Pin button. You can also change the location of the Pin in the in-game Settings > Edit Controls.

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