Underdog System


The Underdog system in Brawl Stars gives players ‘Underdog’ status when they are at a trophy disadvantage in 3v3 games - either because matchmaking found a team significantly higher (200+ trophies) or because you were placed in a mixed team (high trophy + low trophy player). When you have underdog status, you lose fewer and gain more trophies.

  • This will not have any impact on Showdown (Solo/Duo)
  • You can gain the underdog status only when you’re above 200+ Brawler Trophies
  • You will lose the underdog status when you ‘Play Again’ in the same team
How It Works

There are two common scenarios that the Underdog system addresses. Here are practical examples:

1. 2+1 Matchmaking Issue

Player 1 (500 Brawler Trophies) and player 2 (100 Brawler Trophies) are in a team together. The difference between player 1 and 2 is considered significant. A difference of at least 200 Brawler Trophies is considered significant. This team then queues up for 3v3. Player 3 (500 Brawler Trophies) joins, and will be matched with the team based on Player 1, making Player 3 the Underdog.

2. High-End Matchmaking

Players in a higher trophy range face-off against players in a significantly lower trophy range. For example, a team with an average trophy range of 1,000 meets a team with an average trophy range of 700. A difference of at least 200 trophies will trigger the Underdog status for the entire team with the lower trophy range.

When does the “Underdog” status happen?

  • A: When a player joins a team of 2 with significantly different Brawler Trophies (≥200). Third player is the Underdog.
  • B: When a team faces off against a team with a difference in trophy range of ≥200. The lower trophy team is the Underdog.

What happens if you are the "Underdog"?

  • Win match: Gain more trophies
  • Draw match: No change
  • Lose match: Lose fewer trophies
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