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All sorts of amazing stuff are up for grabs, including Gold, Gems, Magic Items, and Quest Tokens! There, you can also find everyone’s favorite section… the Daily Deals!

Daily Deals

The items in the Shop get refreshed regularly. You can check when the new deals will come right under the “Daily Deals”.

Daily Deals offer you a wide variety of items to choose from. There are 6 slots available and can include:

Troop Items

You can get your hands on some awesome Troop Items using your Gems.

Quest Tokens

In addition to the Tokens you can purchase using Gems, the Daily Deals might offer you some for free.

Extra Units

You can grow your army by purchasing additional units! You can do so either by using Gems or Gold.

Magic Items

Get your favorite Magic Items, with lots of awesome deals to choose from, using Gems or Gold!

What’s awesome about Daily Deals is that every time you get a deal, a new one replaces it!

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