Tips & Tricks

Be in perfect control of the Battle by knowing and applying the features below:

Speed Up

Move faster through the enemy’s and your turn by speeding up the Battle. Tap & Hold the screen of your device or change the speed in your game Settings.

Identify Troop Pathing

Find out which buildings your Troop or combo of Troops will attack, and what the outcome will be! Tap & Hold on that Troop or combo. A skull indicates that the enemy building will be destroyed. If your attack isn’t 100% successful, you will see the remaining Health Points of that building.

Enemy Unit Information

Check out what outcome the enemy’s attack might have on your Troops! Tap & Hold on to the enemy’s buildings. Similarly, you will be shown either a skull or the remaining Health Points.

If you want to see its Health, damage, and the turns remaining until it attacks, simply tap on it!

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