The Basics

Troop Items

Equip your Troops with Troop Items to give them a boost!

Ranging from additional damage caused or reduced damage received, to passive skills and healing abilities, there are a lot of cool items to collect.

Where can I find them?

Troop Items can be dropped from Map Rewards, or can be purchased from the Daily Deals in the Shop!

Good to know

  • Item Levels
    All items start at level 1 and can be upgraded later.

  • Item Upgrades
    To upgrade an item to a higher level, you first need to own the item’s previous level. For example, to upgrade an item to level 3, you must own level 2 first. Each upgrade will further increase its special ability!

  • Item Requirements
    Every item requires a Troop combo for it to come into effect. Click on the Troop Item to see the requirements.
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