1v1 Battle

1v1, also known as Ladder, is how you gain trophies and progress through the Trophy Road.

You can start searching for an opponent by pressing the "Battle" button. Tower and card levels are not capped on Ladder, so make sure your Battle Deck contains your highest level cards!


The matchmaking system will match you against opponents with a similar Trophy level as yours. The cards in your deck and their levels are not taken into account in the matchmaking.

The difference in the amount of Trophies possessed by you and your opponent may be considerably large at times, but remember that you will get more Trophies if you defeat a player who has more Trophies than you.

Additionally, you will be matched with other players who have +1 / -1 King Level difference. For example, if you have a King Level 12 tower, you will, initially, only be matched with players who have King Level 11, 12 or 13.

In order to keep matchmaking times fast and to ensure that players will not get stuck in matchmaking for long periods of time, matchmaking will expand its search using these parameters:

  • +1 / -1 every 5 seconds
  • up to a maximum of +3 / -3 at 10 seconds

Please note that the King Level matchmaking criteria will be applied to players up to 5.000 Trophies.

The Clash Royale game team monitors matchmaking closely and will make changes if they see any negative impacts of the current system.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Positive Elixir Trades
A positive Elixir trade refers to countering an opponent’s assault (either unscathed or sustaining only minimal damage) while using less Elixir than what your opponent used to attack. For example, using The Log on a Goblin Barrel gives you +1 Elixir advantage as you spent 2 Elixir to counter a 3 Elixir card. Tracking your positive and negative Elixir trades can help you control the flow of battle and make more informed strategic decisions.

Card Cycle (4 cards)
Once a card is played, you need to play four (4) more cards before it cycles back into your hand. This is widely known as card cycle. Use this knowledge to your advantage and out-cycle your opponent's counter cards!

Adapt to the current meta (known-deck archetypes)
With every Season’s Balance Changes, different deck archetypes shine, and it's important to stay up-to-date. Meta refers to strategies, decks and cards that are strong or effective following Balance Changes. You can either go with the flow and use them, or build a deck that counters the current meta. The choice is yours!

Win Condition
Generally, any card that only targets buildings is considered a win condition, thus going straight for your opponent's Towers. A few examples are the Hog Rider, Royal Giant and Golem. Other cards, like Goblin Barrel or Miner, can also be considered win conditions due to their unique ability of being placed anywhere on the map. With that in mind, it is important to include a win condition in your deck to ensure you have a direct way to damage your opponent's Towers!

Build pushes from the back
Don't be afraid to start your push from the back! Placing troops behind your King Tower gives you enough time to gather Elixir to support them by the time they reach the bridge.

Sacrifice Towers
Decision making is extremely important during Battles! If you feel like you cannot defend a Tower, you can either lightly defend, or just let it go and gather Elixir to fight back. Sometimes, situations may call for "Tower Trading", where, instead of spending Elixir to defend your Tower, you use all of it to assault the opposite lane and take down your opponent’s Tower. Make sure you judge every situation accordingly and try to keep cool in the heat of battle. With experience comes wisdom!

Watch Replays
A seasoned veteran of the Arena is always learning! Whether you win or lose, watching your replays can help you spot mistakes and fine-tune strategies.

Take a Break (losing streaks)
The best way to deal with a losing streak is by taking a break. Having a clear mind allows you to think and act with purpose.

Punish the opposite lane!
If your opponent places a high-Elixir troop, it's a good idea to apply pressure on the opposite lane by setting up a counter-attack right at the bridge! That way, your opponent will have to spend what's left of the Elixir to defend it and thus will be unable to support the initial attack on the other lane. Be wary of over-committing though, as sometimes it’s worth saving some Elixir to defend.

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