The original Challenges of Clash Royale are the Ever-present Event Challenges that you can find at the very bottom of your Events tab. These challenges are divided into 2 types, Classic and Grand.

Each battle won contributes to your final rewards with the maximum amount of wins being 12. Losing 3 battles will boot your from the Challenge but rewards are granted to all competitors, even if they don’t win any battles!

Classic Challenge:

10 Gems to enter, top prize of 2,000 Gold and 100 cards

Grand Challenge:

100 Gems to enter, top prize of 22,000 Gold and 1,100 cards


Matchmaking in Challenges is based on your number of wins! Keep in mind, all cards and Towers are capped at level 9 so that everyone battles on an even playing field.

  • In order to be able to join Challenges, you need to be at least XP level 8.
  • Classic and Grand Challenges don't have a time limit! You can start a battle whenever you want, or even play other modes, without worrying about your Challenge.
  • Achieving 12 wins in any of the Challenges is no small feat! For that reason, winning a Classic Challenge rewards you with a silver badge while winning a Grand Challenge rewards you with a gold badge.
    These badges are displayed when a player visits your profile and are definitely something to brag about!
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