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There are a variety of Chests available in Clash Royale, which you can receive from playing different game modes. They contain cards, Gold, Gems, and Wild Cards!

Opening a Chest

Chests in the Chest slots require a certain amount of time to unlock, depending on their rarity. When gained in any other way, they can be opened immediately.

The time required to unlock Chests:

  • Wooden Chest (Tutorial only): 5 Seconds
  • Silver Chest: 3 Hours
  • Gold Crate: 3 hours
  • Golden Chest: 8 Hours
  • Plentiful Gold Crate: 8 hours
  • Magical Chest: 12 Hours
  • Giant Chest: 12 Hours
  • Epic Chest: 12 Hours
  • Overflowing Gold Crate: 12 hours
  • Legendary Chest: 1 Day
  • Mega Lightning Chest: 1 Day
Chest Key

The Chest Key is a Magic Item that allows you to unlock a Chest instantly. You can use Chest Keys on any Chests that you have in your Chest slots.

You can find your Chest Keys in your Magic Item Inventory, go there from the ‘Cards tab > Magic Items’.

You can use Chest Keys by tapping on them in the Magic Item inventory. You can also tap on a Chest in your Chest slots and then tap on the Magic Item icon in the top right-hand corner of the Chest pop up.

Which cards are included in the Chest?

Chests contain cards up to the Arena you were in you won the Chest:

  • Legendary Chest can contain a Legendary Card from any Arena.
  • Epic Chest contains any epic cards you've unlocked.
  • Other Chests contain any cards you've unlocked.

When you tap on a Chest in the Chest slots, you will find the number shown under the "cards" caption. This indicates the number of cards it contains, which depends on your Arena. In the box below, it shows guaranteed cards per rarity that are included in the Chest.

Gold Crates

When you reach King Level 11, Gold Crates become available!

Gold Crates provide much needed Gold, and will help you upgrade your cards faster.

The higher your King Level, the more often you will see Gold Crates in your Chest cycle!

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