Clan Wars

Clan War Results

After each Clan War Week, you will either gain or lose Clan Trophies, based on how you ranked.

As for the Colosseum Battle, in the last week of the Clan Wars, you get the opportunity to earn a bigger amount of Trophies for your Clan!

In general:

  • The top 2 Ranks will always receive Clan Trophies.
  • At higher Leagues, 3rd, 4th, or 5th places will lose Clan Trophies.

The rank is based on your Clan’s overall movement. War Chests and Clan Trophies are awarded based on the final standings.

If more than one boat crosses the finish line, the winner is determined based on the total Medals accumulated throughout the race!

On Colosseum Weeks, the final week of the Clan War, there is no River Race. The leaderboard will be updated each time a Clan gains Medals from Clan War Battles.

What happens after the River Race?

When the Week ends, you'll get a War Chest, and either gain or lose Clan Trophies based on your rank.

Good to know

  • Clan Boats only move once a day, check the timer on top of your Clan tab to see when the Day ends.
  • The next race will start when the timer on top of your Clan tab expires (not all Wars will start at the same time).
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