Creating or Joining a Clan


To create or join a Clan, you must be at least level 1.

Once you are at level 1, tap the Clan Tab and you will see on the upper part of the screen the options to Create your own Clan or Search for an existing Clan to join. Creating a Clan costs 1000 Gold.

Using clan research

You can either search for a Clan by Name/Tag or use "Filters" to find the Clan you're looking for.

  • Clan location is freely set by Clan Leaders, but often represents where at least most of the Clan members are from.
  • Minimum Clan points is an indication of how active the members are in 1v1 Battles, as it's counted based on their trophies. The higher the Clan points, the more skilled its members likely are.
  • Minimum War Trophies refers to the amount of trophies a Clan has accumulated through Clan Wars. Depending on how many War Trophies a Clan has, it is placed on a Clan League.
Can't find a certain clan?

If you can't find the Clan you're looking for with a regular search, try using the advanced search function to narrow down results according to Clan size, Clan points and other details.

We've also added Clan tags to search with greater precision. Each Clan has a unique, searchable Clan tag, which can be found on the Clan's profile page. Use this to search, and you'll always find what you're looking for.

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