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Emotes are used to communicate with your friends or opponents during Battles. There are a number of Emotes you can use to convey your emotions of joy, sadness, confusion, and even rage!

In the "Cards tab > Emote Deck" you can build an Emote deck containing up to 8 of your favorite Emotes. Don't worry; you can still use the rest of your Emotes by pressing the white arrow that can be found within the Emote button in the Battle.

How can I get Emotes?

Here's where you can find them:

  • Shop
    In the Shop, you will occasionally see Emotes as part of in-app purchase offers. They are also available in the Daily Deals section, where you can buy Emotes using Gems.
  • Trophy Road
    There are two awesome Emotes on the Trophy Road! Once you reach 2200 Trophies, you get a celebrating Knight Emote and at 3800, a clapping Royal Ghost Emote.
  • Special Events/Challenges
    You can also get Emotes as rewards from certain Challenges and Events. By achieving the required number of wins, you get rewarded with a unique Emote that might even be exclusive.
  • Pass Royale
    When you unlock Pass Royale, you get the chance to obtain an Exclusive Emote. Reach the required Tier, and it's yours forever!
  • Supercell ID
    Connecting your account to Supercell ID will give you a Legendary hidden Emote, the Chicken Emote! Not only you safeguard your game, but you also get a free Emote. A win-win for everyone!
Can I mute Emotes?

If you wish to mute your opponents' Emotes, simply press the Emote icon > Mute icon during the Battle.

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