Finding the right clan/clan members for you

Clans play a vital role in our daily Clashing life.

Whether you want to join the Clan Wars fun or you simply enjoy chatting and trading cards as you strive to get those Elite Barbarians to level 13, being part of the right Clan is of utmost importance.

What is the right clan for me?

When searching for a Clan, you will notice underneath its name 3 coloured icons that are either Green or Grey.

Green stands for "Yes" and Grey stands for "No".

The meanings of the icons are the following:

  • the Clan Wars icon indicates if that Clan is active in Wars
  • the Cards icon indicates if that Clan is active in Donations
  • the Friends icon indicates if a friend of yours is part of that Clan

The aforementioned factors can help you choose a Clan that matches your play-style.

Recruiting new Members

Having the right Clan members is crucial to achieve great results in Clan Wars.

Our favourite methods of recruiting are:

  • recruiting through the forums (offers a chance to meet great, vocal players from around the world)
  • asking a friend to join (nothing better than you and your best friend rocking the Clan Wars)
  • discord (our personal favourite, read below for more info)

With around 250.000 members, our Discord server is the best place to find a Clan or recruit new members.

Make sure you browse through the dedicated Clan Channels. We are certain you will locate exactly what you're looking for!

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